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Company Profile
Full Company Name: Adela Ltd.
Main Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 32 968 702
Fax: +359 32 962 174
Contact Person:
Postal Address: 10 , "Vasil Levski" Str., Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria
Areas of Interest: Food & Beverage | Agriculture, Forestry & Fish |
Profile: Adela Ltd. is one of the leading producers of canned foods in Bulgaria.

Adela Ltd. is one of the leading producers of canned foods in Bulgaria.

Established in 1993 Adela Ltd. was registered as a trade brand. Under that name the company offers a wide range of canned foods manufactured on the base of national recipes.

At present the company operates with modern hi-tech facilities that comply with all European standards. Constant control over incoming raw materials and finish products is carried out in the factory laboratory.

The factory is equipped with hi-tech machinery and assembly lines that provide fast products processing of high quality.

Delivery of fresh and up market raw materials on daily basis guarantees the perfect taste of the products. The vegetables are processed in accordance with good production practice requirements.

Highly qualified and skilled technologists monitor the preparation of the company's products.





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