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Company Profile

Despred Plc. provides a vast range of transportation and warehousing services.
Full Company Name: Despred Plc.
Main Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: /+359 2/ 931 06 64
Contact Person:
Postal Address: Bulgaria, 1202 Sofia, Veslec str. 84
Areas of Interest: Transport & Logistics |
Profile: Despred Plc. provides a vast range of transportation and warehousing services.

Despred Plc. was established as a state-owned forwarding company. The head office is in Sofia.
Despred Plc. provides the following services:
-Railway and Road transportations (groupage and full-loading trucks);
-Air and sea freight, river and container transports;
-Transporting fair, exhibition items and high value cargoes including full preparation of documents;
-Drawing up of all types of transports, forwarding and customs documents;
-Transporting dangerous, oversize specialized cargo;
-Storing and keeping all kind of cargo, including temporary and customs storage;
-Express courier service on the territory of Bulgaria
-Freight forwarding advices, alternative elaborations and flexible transport schemes

Despred Plc. has a certificate for general bank guarantee and coverage of all types of transit operations: direct transit,
transit with export, re-export and combined transit.

Despred Plc. has a license for customs clearance agent since 1999.


Bulgarian Stock Exchange info:
Last Trading Price: 8.99 BGN
Last Traded on: 2007-09-26
Quantity: 135
Change during trade: 15.4
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