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Company Profile

HVB Bank Biochim is the fourth largest bank in Bulgaria, with a market share of 7%.
Full Company Name: HVB Bank Biochim
Main Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 9269 210
Fax: +359 2 9269 440
Contact Person:
Postal Address: 1 Ivan Vazov Str., 1026, Bulgaria
Areas of Interest: Financial Services |
Profile: HVB Bank Biochim is the fourth largest bank in Bulgaria, with a market share of 7%.

HVB Bank Biochim has about 1 500 employees working in over 130 branches, offices and outlets in Bulgaria. HVB Bank Biochim is one of the most modern financial institutions in Bulgaria. Its IT system is one of the bank’s special assets. It enables the bank to perform high-quality risk and credit operations management. HVB Bank Biochim has a centralized on-line system giving to all its clients the opportunity to be served in real time, regardless of their location in the country.

As a stable and modern financial institution HVB Bank Biochim offers a product range that covers all sectors of the Bulgarian economy and that complies with the high European standards. HVB Bank Biochim actively works with both big multinational and domestic corporate customers and small and medium enterprises, individuals and budget enterprises.

The bank has over 400 000 clients and stably increases its client base. HVB Bank Biochim meets the challenges of the competitive Bulgarian market by undertaking determinate steps for satisfying the ever changing needs of its clients. The management and the employees of the bank continuously create and introduce new products and services for the consumers. This approach contributes not only to promoting the good image of the bank but also to the success of its business partners.  

The main objective of HVB Bank Biochim is to be a leading company for financial services in Bulgaria that offers fast and reliable services complying with the specific needs of the clients.

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