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Company Profile
Full Company Name: InvestBulgaria Agency
Main Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Contact Person:
Postal Address: 31 Aksakov Street
Areas of Interest: Government |
Details: At IBA, our mission is to work with potential and existing investors in Bulgaria to help you assess and realize investment opportunities. Our performance is measured by your success in identifying a greenfield opportunity, ensuring risk is right, investment plan is realistic and execution is swift. Our 35 people in Bulgaria and several others abroad are trained to do that at highest standards of business confidence, professional expertise and above all, utmost integrity.
To do that, we access directly all Bulgarian government institutions to facilitate your entry and development in Bulgaria.
Jointly with them and your potential private partners, we can develop your entry plans or recommend appropriate professional advisors under the quality code of our new Bulgarian Investment Information Network (BIIN).
Bulgaria is experiencing a period of strong economic growth which, at 4.3% in 2003, leads most economies in Europe. Being already a NATO member, in June 2004 Bulgaria managed to close all EU accession chapters. Steady on our course to joining to EU by 2007, we can offer many opportunities for investment at a substantial discount to most European countries and other offshore destinations. As an evidence, the first half of 2004 we attracted almost a billion euros of FDI, highest in terms of investment per capita and investment per GDP in Eastern Europe.
There are many reasons to invest and to do business in Bulgaria. We offer a strategic location with inexpensive and direct access to the markets of Europe and Middle East, low cost manufacturing, a highly educated labour force at Europe's lowest wage levels and a strongly business-minded government. Bulgaria has among the lowest corporate tax rates in Europe and has honoured every commitment it made to further reduce cost to businesses. As a result of successful industrial restructuring, we now boast an investment grade rating since mid-2004.
Investments in technology, industrial manufacturing, leisure and real estate have led our growth. I invite you to explore what you can do for your business by browsing our web site. I also would like to extend my warmest invitation to you to come and visit us in Bulgaria where you will encounter business opportunities you would not have expected.
Welcome to Bulgaria, your new business partner in New Europe.

Pavel Ezekiev
Executive Director, IBA
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