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Company Profile

The basic subject of the activity of the TOMIL HERB LTD. is the production and the commercialization of herbal pills.
Full Company Name: Tomil Herb
Main Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 953 40 92
Fax: + 359 2 953 11 38
Contact Person:
Postal Address: 58 "Ami Bue" Str., 1606 Sofia, Bulgaria
Areas of Interest: Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology |
Profile: The basic subject of the activity of the TOMIL HERB LTD. is the production and the commercialization of herbal pills.

• The products of the Company, being proved and developed with the time, today are more than 50ty. They represent food supplement products registered in conformity with the Bulgarian legislation as "food supplements". Their final term of expiration is minimum 2 years - a fact, which makes them preferred by the consumers. All the products possess the relevant certificates, licenses and permissions about their production and the distribution.

• The components of the products of the TOMIL HERB LTD. are completely natural. The herbs used in the prescriptions are exclusively of a Bulgarian origin. They are carefully selected as a quantity and components of active substances. Those herbs are wild growing and typical for Bulgaria. The regions where the herbs are gathered, that is the Mountains of the Rhodopes, the Pirin, the Rila and the Sredna Gora mountains, are preserved from any toxic and other types of a contamination. The herbs are gathered during the spring and the beginning of the summer. They do not undergo a chemical treatment and are not heat dried - a fact, which guarantees the maximum preservation of their medical characteristics.

• The production is realized through using own Company's high - technology machines and an equipment which are situated at the Company's factory in the town of Septemvri. There are 90 employees, who are engaged in the technology cycle.

• The commercial activity is managed by the headquarters of the TOMIL HERB LTD. in Sofia, where the main warehouse is also situated. Nearly 3 500 000 bottles yearly leave the said warehouse on their way to the final consumers. This makes our company an indisputable leader of this market branch in Bulgaria.

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