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Company Profile

Unipack AD produces a wide range of packing products.
Full Company Name: Unipack AD
Main Location: Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 610) 2575
Fax: (+359 610) 3455
Contact Person:
Postal Address: Industrial quarters, Tosho Katev Str., 5200 Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
Areas of Interest: Consumer Goods & Services |
Profile: Unipack AD produces a wide range of packing products.

Unipack was founded in 1967 and in 1997 became a joint-stock company with private ownersip.

The company produces a wide range of packing products on paper and cardboard basis, extruded paper, aluminium folio, combined packing materials, paper sleeves, paper labels with great variety in forms, corrugated pipes, one- and two-layer envelopes, etc. Unipack AD is a leading manufacturer of backing with glue without diluent and extrusion. The company produces double- and triple-layer combined materials for packaging products in food, can and tobacco, as well as in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The production list of Unipack AD also includes cardboard sleeves and corrugated pipes of aluminium folio for air conduits.

Amongst the basic products with good achivements of Unipack AD (JSC) are paper labels,  packings for tobacco industry, as well as ice-cream cornets.

Bulgarian Stock Exchange info:
Last Trading Price: 120 BGN
Last Traded on: 2007-09-26
Quantity: 1
Change during trade: 25
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