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Company Profile

Vamo AD produces diesel and gas engines.
Full Company Name: Vamo AD
Main Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Phone: (+359 52) 501133
Fax: (+359 52) 459594
Contact Person:
Postal Address: 267, Vl.Varnenchik Blvd. 9019 Varna, Bulgaria
Areas of Interest: Industrial Goods & Services |
Profile: Vamo AD produces diesel and gas engines.

Vamo AD has over 60-year history as a successor of a cooperative named Cherno more, established in 1935 and later renamed Vasil Kolarov Factory. The major shareholder in Vamo with about 50% of shares is the Bulgarian Industrial and Trade Corporation (BITCo) Holding.

Vamo AD produces diesel and gas engines. The manufacturing process is based on extensive cooperation with Bulgarian and foreign companies. Engine components are imported from England, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, USA, France, Poland, etc.

Engines are produced in a number of applications, purposed for running of:

  • fork-lifts
  • electrical power sets
  • agricultural machines
  • vehicles
  • stationary power sets
  • water pump sets

Vamo products are sold worldwide - in Bulgaria, Russia, Syria, Spain, Turkey, Greece, etc.

Bulgarian Stock Exchange info:
Last Trading Price: 6.91 BGN
Last Traded on: 2007-06-27
Quantity: 40
Change during trade: -102.5
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