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Company Name Location Contacts URL Industry In brief
CSI Sofia, Bulgaria +359-899-332283 learn more Chemicals CSI specialises in outsourcing of (chemical) R&D projects to Bulgaria
Rozachim AD Sofia, Bulgaria +359 618 6 08 43 learn more Chemicals ROZACHIM AD is a recognized market leader in the sphere of production and trade of chemical products and raw materials.
Orgachim AD Ruse, Bulgaria +359 82 886311 learn more Chemicals Orgachim is a company of more than one hundred years history.
Neochim AD Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria +359 391 65 205 learn more Chemicals Neochim AD offers quality fertilizers.
Prista Oil Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 9620110 learn more Chemicals PRISTA OIL companies operate in the region of SOUTHEAST EUROPE.
Kapitan Dyado Nikola AD Gabrovo, Bulgaria +359 66 801451 learn more Chemicals Quality manufacturer of moulded and extruded articles.
Petrol AD Sofia, Bulgaria + 359 2 4960 300 learn more Chemicals Established over 70 years ago, today Petrol AD is a leader on the Bulgarian fuel market.
Polimeri AD Sofia, Bulgaria +359 519 9 2618 learn more Chemicals Polimeri AD is the first plant in Bulgaria for production of chlorine and polyvinyl chloride
Assenova Krepost JSC Asenovgrad, Bulgaria +359.33122320 learn more Chemicals The biggest producer of PP and PE packaging on the Balkan Peninsula .
Polimeri AD Devnya, Bulgaria +359 519 9 2618 learn more Chemicals Polimeri AD produces chlorine, polyvinyl chloride, caustic soda, dichlorethane and other chemical products.

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