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Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology
Company Name Location Contacts URL Industry In brief
CSI Sofia, Bulgaria +359-899-332283 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology CSI specialises in outsourcing of (chemical) R&D projects to Bulgaria
Rosa Impex AD Plovdiv, Bulgaria +359 32 655 355 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology The product range of the company includes more than 270 items such as: hand, body and face creams, hair dye, balms, shampoo and toilet milk, toothpaste and men's cosmetics.
Actavis Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 9321-604 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Actavis is the new name of Balkanpharma ? the Bulgarian pharmaceutical company with 50-year experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Sopharma Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 8134 200 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Sopharma is one of the leading pharmaceuticals company in Bulgaria, popular with manufacturing of high-quality medicines.
Biovet Pazardzhik, Bulgaria +359 350 5619 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology BIOVET is a leading European manufacturer and marketer of medicated and nutritional feed additives, enzymes, bulk active substances and pharmaceuticals for animal productivity and health.
Unipharm Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 70 62 59 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology UNIPHARM J. S. Co. is a contemporary dynamically developing Bulgarian pharmaceutical company.
Milve Pharmaceutical Plants Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 862 40 64 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Milve's product list contains mostly well-known and large-consumption medicines as well as imported drugs, which have no Bulgarian therapeutic analogs.
Tomil Herb Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 953 40 92 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology The basic subject of the activity of the TOMIL HERB LTD. is the production and the commercialization of herbal pills.
Bulgarska Roza AD Plovdiv, Bulgaria (+359 32) 953 084 learn more Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Bulgarska Roza AD is a major producer of natural fragrances,synthetic products, perfume compositions for scenting detergents and soaps, raw materials for the cosmetic and food industries, cosmetic products including perfumes, shampoos and bioemulsions.

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