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Textile & Non-wovens
Company Name Location Contacts URL Industry In brief
Maniyka ST Sofia, Bulgaria 00359 2 9801702 learn more Textile & Non-wovens We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of bridal-wear and evening apparel est. 1900. We supply our own ranges and produce all kinds of textiles on the cut-and-make basis.
Industrial Holding Doverie Sofia, Bulgaria (+ 359 2) 978 61 10 learn more Textile & Non-wovens IH Doverie operates in a range of industries: textile, construction, food production, health care and hotel management.
Yana JSC Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria +359 62 603 429 learn more Textile & Non-wovens "Yana" factory Panaguriste manufactures terry towels and other related articles made of 100% classical cotton carded and combed yarns.
Rila Style Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 931 1103 learn more Textile & Non-wovens Rila Style is a leading company within the Bulgarian and European apparel industry.
Janitza AD Yambol, Bulgaria +359 478 88090 learn more Textile & Non-wovens Janitza has a strong National and European reputation as a Bulgarian factory, with more than 25-years tradition in fashionable and qualitative design and production of flat-knitwear.
Decotex Sliven, Bulgaria +359 44 662380 learn more Textile & Non-wovens "Decotex" JSC, Sliven is one of the leading textile companies in Bulgaria and Europe.
Katex AD Sofia, Bulgaria +359 431 63 560 learn more Textile & Non-wovens Katex AD manufactures worsted and woolen fabrics.
Fazan AD Ruse, Bulgaria +359 82 820731 learn more Textile & Non-wovens Fazan AD produces men's, women's and children's socks and pelerines.
Maritzatex AD Plovdiv, Bulgaria (+359 32) 952 688 learn more Textile & Non-wovens Maritzatex AD is a traditional producer of yarns and fabrics in rich colour range Maritzatex AD is a traditional producer of yarns and fabrics in rich colour range.
Svilosa AD Svishtov, Bulgaria (+359 0631) 2 23 80 learn more Textile & Non-wovens Svilosa AD is a share-holding company with four subsidiaries, producing yarn, pulp, carboxylmethyl cellulose and wood briquettes.

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