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Tourism & Spa
Company Name Location Contacts URL Industry In brief
Albena Invest Holding AD Sofia, Bulgaria +359 2 951 6053 learn more Tourism & Spa Albena Invest Holding AD is a holding company specialized in tourism and transportation. Its subsidiaries are some of the leading Bulgarian tourist operators and transportation providers.
City of Bansko Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria + 359 7443 85 80 learn more Tourism & Spa Bansko is a crossroad of culture, traditions, nature and perfect ski conditions.
Sunny Beach Burgas, Bulgaria learn more Tourism & Spa The biggest resort, with the longest and widest beach strip, with hotels spread along the beach and among the dunes, the sunniest resort for the sunniest people.
Golden Sands Varna, Bulgaria +359 52 356001 learn more Tourism & Spa Golden Sands is a magnificent resort with richly wooded hills, white golden beach and clear blue sea.
Borovets Sofia, Bulgaria +359 7128 2441 learn more Tourism & Spa Borovets, the first and most famous Bulgarian mountain resort, is situated on the northern slopes of the Rila Mountain at an altitude of 1300 meters.
Zlatni Pyasatzi AD Varna, Bulgaria (+359 52) 355 414 learn more Tourism & Spa Zlatni Pyasatzi AD specializes in sea tourism. The company manages Zlatni Pyasatzi (Golden Sands) resort.
St. St. Konstantine and Elena AD Varna, Bulgaria (+359 52) 383 900 learn more Tourism & Spa St. St. Konstantine and Elena AD offers a wide range of tourist products.
Slanchev Bryag AD Burgas, Bulgaria (+359 554) 22510 learn more Tourism & Spa Slanchev Bryag AD manages Slanchev Bryag (Sunny Beach) resort. The core activity of the company is managing the infrastructure and trading with the assets on the territory of the Slanchev Bryag resort.
Pamporovo AD Smolyan, Bulgaria (+359 3095) 85 18 learn more Tourism & Spa Pamporovo AD specializes in winter tourism. The core activity of the company is hotel and restaurant management, organization of sports and entertainment activities.

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